18 year old straight male from Australia who loves Jesus, also in love with the most beautiful girl in the world <3 music and bands, if they are a band and fit under the description of 'Alternative' I listen to them, don't mind a bit of ambient elctronic or dubstep either though. Favourite Genres being Metalcore, Pop punk, Djent and almost anything progressive. i could list some bands i love inparticular but it would go on forever so just look at my blog i guess. Video games, FPS inparticular, love all consoles not just one. big fan of franchises like halo, kingdom hearts, pokemon, assasins creed, zelda, fallout, gta, ratchet and clank, cod, jak and daxter and crash bandicoot. love sci-fic ecspecially stars wars and back to the future, none of that star trek shit. Also i'm a 12 year guitarist and bassits yay me. Keyblade